Select Match Reviews: Escaping the Retirement Home (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 04/14:
1.Mike Jackson vs Johnny Swinger ***
2.Rascalz vs XXXL vs Reno Scum vs TJP, Fallah ***1/4
3.Ace Austin vs Trey ***

Like PCO not that long ago, I'm pretty sure once shit gets back to normal that we might be seeing a whole lot more of Action Mike Jackson. I somehow had no idea he was even still working, but props to him because at 70, he moves better than many half his age. This was also the most entertained I've been watching a Swinger match so, double props. Check the highlights out above.

The tag cluster was fairly good and a fun, chaotic watch. The tag division in IMPACT is much better than people give it credit for.

My last pull this week was a nice X-Division contest. They worked well here, though the cheap finish did little for me.

Nothing truly recommendation levels this week, though the opener deserves some attention. Otherwise, skip this episode.

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