AEW Dynamite 04/01 Review

Chris Jericho Invites Vanguard 1 To The Inner Circle AEW Dynamite ...
1.Kenny Omega vs Trent ****
2.Hikaru Shida vs Anna Jay **1/2
3.Lance Archer vs Marko Stunt **
4.Natural Nightmares vs Dark Order(8,9) **1/4
5.Cody, Darby vs Spears, Guevara ***

They aired this from QT's school in Georgia and I have to say that I dig the atmosphere this week.

They announced the other side of the bracket tonight, with Dustin versus Kip and Archer versus Colt. Archer now seems all but guaranteed to be the inaugural champ and it should all make for a very good story.

Kenny and Trent kicked the in-ring section off with a banger. They worked their asses off and I'm pretty sure Kenny got a stinger during this one. Simply put, this was fantastic and over-delivered in this spot, even considering the names involved!

They did well using some highlight packages to kill time tonight, by the way.

In the two spot, Anna Jay got a decent debut spot against the #1 ranked, Hikaru Shida. Anna has a lot of potential and could be good in a year or two.

Snake with a decent promo package.

Next, Lance Archer destroyed Marko Stunt in an extended squash. One of the better squashes you'll ever see and the post-match attack looked sick. AEW rarely squashes but it was a good time for one here.

Another great Dark Order video!

Clever use of students in the Dark Order spot. AEW making the best of the situation. Brodie destroying the members for failing was a brilliant post-match moment. The match was ok and the face team will be decent in the division.

Arguably the best thing on the show outside of the opener followed. Jericho and Vanguard 1 was true gold top to bottom. Amazing.

Nick and Matt's video was good. Noting that Nick doesn't remember who attacked him is a very good thread I hope they follow up on.

Spears gambling midmatch was pretty entertaining during the main event. Darby snapping on Cody post-match was a killer way to close the show. The contest was good for what it was but something you could just watch clips from, especially Darby's dive, and be fine.

I wasn't big on Colt's commentary this week. He's not bad and wasn't necessarily bad here either, but one match would've been enough. Cody was pretty decent again.

Overall, this was a solid episode as AEW continues to do the best that they can with the hand they're dealt. If nothing else, watch the opener and the Jericho package.

Oh, and make sure to give a late happy birthday shoutout to Lucha Central's Eric Mutter if you get a chance. Here's his twitter.

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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