Throwback Reviews: Legendary Lucha Libre (CMLL)

Match from CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2000:
1.Apuesta: Atlantis vs Villano III ****3/4

This is considered by many to be the best lucha libre match of all time. I will say, watching this today, 20 years later to the date, and seeing the entire package here in contrast to current CMLL, it's rather jarring. Now, I've been a fan of CMLL for many years and remember days like these, but it's still easy to forget how much different the company is when you don't see anything from this period in such a long time.

Anyway, these two legends brought drama, technicality, storytelling, and violence to the table here for top shelf action. Atlantis getting his mask ripped early and shortly after bleeding buckets added heavily to the plot here and the entire this was simply fantastic.

If you're seeking a classic that oozes charisma and emotion and is still being studied today by the next generation, than hit play on this one and enjoy!

Make sure this isn't one of your blind spot matches.

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