Select Match Reviews: Pasadena (NJPW)

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Match from NJPW Road to the New Beginning 02/06:
1.NEVER OW Six-Man Titles: LIJ(SHINGO,EVIL,BUSHI) (c) vs CHAOS(Ishii,Goto,Eagles) ***3/4

I'm nearly caught up with NJPW. Can I get my award now?


Well, this time around let's take a look at those LIJ boys defending the NEVER Openweight Six-Man belts against a strong selection from CHAOS. I like the dynamic here, by the way. Two tough ass dudes and a flippy worker versus the same.

Flies and stronks.

For 22-minutes, these six put in for a great one with multiple enjoyable interactions, some nice near fall moments, and a decent finish following strong levels of action.

Thumbs up.

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