NASCAR Auto Club 400 Thoughts

Like last week, this go around was all about the top series. I've been rather cautious about getting too excited about watching this company again, especially considering my thoughts on several subjects regarding NASCAR and the reasons I gave up on them years ago. It almost feels a bit hypocritical in my mind for me to be watching while also having given up completely on WWE. If not for my son's interest in the sport and my love of seeing him light up while we watch, I would likely still be MIA from anything involving the league.

Alas, here we are and, as a competitionist, I am back for the Auto Club 400. I'm far more excited for when we get to the damn road courses and, my personal favorite, Bristol. Until then, looking at the schedule, it looks like we have another month of ovals but the better ones are nearing.

Auto Club Speedway in Fontana is a two-miler and, admittedly, one of tracks that, even when I used to watch far more regularly, never stuck in my mind. It's kind of...just there, on the schedule. In related news, this race was also kind of just there. Largely uneventful, this one was easily my least favorite of the season thus far.

Top Five Standings:

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