Select Match Reviews: Hawks & Hammers (MLW)

Match from MLW Fusion #103:
1.MLW National Openweight Title: Hammerstone(c) vs T-Hawk ***1/2

T-Hawk is a dude I consider to be one of the top five underrated workers in the world so I was hopeful that him getting a title shot on US television would make for a good watch. Hammerstone can be pretty good especially when matched with the right guy, so that helps my expectations.

The motivation was here for sure.

T-Hawk got in several of his trademark, echoing chops before Hammerstone tried to take his head off with a drop kick as the challenger was seated on the top rope and then finished him off shortly after. This was one of my favorite Major League Wrestling matches in recent memory and an easy recommendation. I look forward to a rematch some day!

Click play above, jumping to around 15 minutes in.

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