Pro Wrestling NOAH 20th Anniversary-The Chronicle Vol. 2 Review

Matches from 03/29:
1.GHC Jr Tag Titles: Stinger(c) vs RATEL'S ***1/2
2.GHC National Title: Sugiura(c) vs Minoru ***3/4
3.GHC Jr HW Title: Ogawa(c) vs Harada ***3/4
4.GHC HW Title: Go(c) vs Fujita ****1/2

NOAH decided to move ahead with this empty arena gig, which can be found on DDT Universe. It was a four match card, all with gold on the line. Let's take a look!

The opener was very good stuff, and another example of why I consider the NOAH junior division underrated. RATEL'S taking the belts was a decent move, ensuring that the possibility of more changes for the rest of the show. Smart move.

Up second, Sugiura and Minoru featured a heavy dose of limb work and some well placed strike work. I was very excited about this heading in and walked away rather content. HEAT truly steps up far more often than most give him credit for and Sugiura is...well, one of the last people I'd ever want to piss off. Great match!

In the three spot, my favorite junior in NOAH challenged Ogawa for the division strap. It feels like a larger amount of elder dudes are winning gold this year but maybe I'm wrong. Ogawa played his game and set his pace, outsmarting the younger talent to retain the championship. Great stuff recommended to fans of technical battles. The betrayal after was well done, too.

With the amount of dads winning gold this year, it wasn't out of the question to think Fujita had a chance in the main event. That certainly helped add to the emotional takeaway of the main event. The dramatic stare down that started this was one of the most unique things I've ever seen in a ring and reminded me of a dramatic anime stare down. They took social distancing to another level, making this thing last about half and hour. No, I'm not kidding. Someone, maybe myself if I get bored, needs to make this into a dramatic anime style episode one day. If I find time, I might do that this week, actually.

Truly, I couldn't look away from the gunslinger showdown.

Anyway, once it got going,  they worked one hell of a war. From head kicks, stiff chops, hand sanitizer spitting, arena brawling and everything in between. This was an experimental piece from two of greats and somehow they made it work like a killer prog album. I guarantee this will be considered one of the most polarizing matches in wrestling history but I was all for it!

In all, this show rocked. NOAH is one of the best companies in the world and they proved it once again.

Watch this show!

ZERO1, MLW, and IWRG are likely next up.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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