Select Match Reviews: Ever See a Big Guy Scream at Another Guy's Asshole? (DDT)

Matches from DDT Universe Live! One Chan Saturday 03/07:
1.ALL OUT(Takeshita,Shunma),Chambers vs DISASTER BOX(HARASHIMA,Naomi),Makoto ***1/2
2.ChrisMAO vs DAMNATION(Daisuke,Paulie) ***
3.Delayed Entry Time Difference Battle Royal ***1/4

Say what you will about DDT, but I personally really like a lot of what they're putting out. Their roster is stacked with talent and their humor can be entertaining at times. I'm not huge on some of their lower card content, but that's true of many companies and in this case it's largely only because it's a bit too heavy in gags. Anyway, during this whole situation they put out a few empty arena shows and I've had a good time with all of the things I've pulled. The playing to the camera in particular brings a smile to my face nearly each time. But, I said I've enjoyed these pulls thus far and that's true once more with these three.

Oh, and HARASHIMA needs to remember to rub butter all over himself next time they work the Ochanomizu Dojo.

The review of Judgement matches should be up soon. For now, consider checking out some of these no fan shows.

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