Briscoes Battle Jeff Cobb And Dan Maff In Nashville | ROH Wrestling
Match from ROH TV #444:
1.Briscoes vs Cobb, Maff ***1/2

This one popped up on my radar so I figured I'd take a look.

The Briscoes remain one of the elite teams in the US scene and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the duo of Cobb and Maff. The steak & meatball pairing aren't the smoothest together, but there's a lot of promise and potential here as both are quality in solo. Matches such as these are great ways to improve, and they all worked well enough for me to be able to call this worth checking out.

Ring of Honor pissed away a lot of fans but I do hope there's enough goodwill left over that some might consider giving another look. They've been having a good year thus far and it'd be a sad thing to miss or write off completely.