Select Match Reviews: Smaug's Chambers (Dragon Gate)

Matches from Dragon Gate Glorious Gate Empty Arena 03/22:
1.RED(BxB,Yoshida) vs Team Toryumon(Yoshino,Doi) ***1/4
2.RED(Eita,Big R,Ishida) vs Team DG(Kzy,Santa Maria,Dragon Dia) ****

I might dislike their streaming service and the customer service that comes with it, but people that know me know that I have been a Dragon Gate fan for a very long time and I will always make time for them when I can.

So, this is from their empty arena show and you should jump about 90-minutes in to start where I did.

I don't care much for the new Dream Gate title design, for the record. I still miss the older model that they lost off the back of a truck.

Anyway, the first pull was pretty fun, albeit chaotic, but they ruined things and ensured it remained outside of recommendation levels with a cheap finish. This isn't WWE, we don't need that type of thing just to lead into the main event.

Luckily, the final match of the night turned out to be a truly fantastic trios encounter. There was a nice build and intensity throughout with several standout moments coupled with some nice story work. This was very much a Dragon Gate six-man in the ways you'd want and I suggest fans of this promotion to ensure this is something they make time for.

I have no idea when the world will return to normal, but for now give DG some love!