Select Match Reviews: Barrio Contra Revolution (IWRG)

Matches from IWRG En Vivo 03/16:
1.Arkangel Divino, Lunatik Extreme, Ultimo Maldito vs Baby Extreme, Hijo del Alebrije, Metaleon ***3/4
2.WTMB vs IWRG ***1/4

This is the last IWRG post tonight, I promise. It is also the last show they ran this month and is an empty arena gig. Now, one of the best things about this company is how amazing their crowd tends to be. I was fearful that without it, this just wouldn't be the same and that the talent wouldn't be as motivated either.

Fuck that, apparently.

The first pull, which can be found by jumping about an hour in on the video above, was simply great. Spot heavy lucha libre is always fun and this was indeed fun. The second continued the IWRG versus Welcome to Mi Barrio feud. I really should check out WTMB eventually. Sadly, while good, it was a clear dip in comparison to the other contest that I watched though it worked nicely to continue building the angle.

Watch the first, skip the second.

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