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A new ongoing series I wanted to add to the blog will focus on a playlist I just put together. Now, I had actually previously reviewed the first two matches from the playlist previously in my Facebook group about two years ago when I started a collection of Misawa reviews that I never got around to finishing up on.

Hopefully this goes better.

So, here's the post I made back then copied and pasted here which includes several extra matches not seen in the playlist and two that are. Note that the next posts in this series will feature a very different format.

1.Tiger Mask vs Pirata Morgan ***1/2
This was a very good sprint between two great workers. I truly don't think Misawa gets enough credit for his run as Tiger Mask II.

2.Tiger Mask vs Kuniaki ***3/4
Great, fast paced junior clash. It's always fun to not only see early Misawa, but also the way junior division contests worked 30 years ago.

3.Tiger Mask,Tenryu vs Mascaras,Chavo **3/4
Like many matches in this collection, the names involved are what cause me to add this one. Sadly, this wasn't as good as I had hoped. The ending especially.

4.Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid ***1/2
Misawa and Dynamite obviously had to make the list. This was a pretty good view but I do wish that the ending had been different and it had been a tad longer.

5.Tiger Mask vs Tsuruta ***1/2
A battle of legend versus future legend here. This built nicely from a strategical start full of headlocks before a very nice end stretch turned this into a worthwhile view. A good appetizer for later matches in this collection.

6.NWA HW:Steamboat(c) vs Tiger Mask II ***1/2
Talk about a star filled match! While not a classic, this was still a well worked match that was entertaining even if just to see these two face off.

7.Tiger Mask II,Kawada vs Yatsu,Fuyuki ***1/2
A rather good tag match that happened to feature a classic moment that I won't spoil for those who haven't seen it already.

8.All Asia Tag:Misawa,Kenta(c) vs Davey,Smith ***1/2
I thought this was a fun tag match and it was nice to see Davey and Smith here in the collection.

9.Akira,Kenta,Misawa vs Tsuruta,Fuchi,Kabuki ****
This worked very well as a build up to the next match on this list while also simply being a fantastic standalone contest. The interactions between Jumbo and Misawa were perfect.

10.Misawa vs Tsuruta ****1/4
Essays have literally been written about this match. This is truly the highlight of the collection but I'll spare you from one here. This historical classic holds up well today. A fantastic clash that cemented Misawa as a top name and a worthwhile view to fans who missed it.

Random Ramblings:
Most collection reviews that I do are promotion based, but I decided that I didn't have far enough reviews written up of the greatest wrestler of all time. These are basically a look at the rise of Misawa to the throne of wrestling greatness. Expect more parts to come. It was nice to see some of these again and others for the first time. Check at least some of these out when you get the chance.

Note that these two matches that are underlined above are the two featured in the playlist. Next time, we'll be looking at a rematch between Jumbo and Misawa from September of 1990.