I forgot to send my roster that wasn't participating in the tournament out on loan. That sucks...

1.Quarter: Fuji b Anderson
2.Quarter: Wilson b Koichiro
3.Quarter: Bailey b Baron
4.Quarter: Takaya b BB
5.Semi: Fuji b Wilson
6.Semi: Takaya b Bailey
7.Finals: Fuji b Takaya

This brought in 16,913 fans and had an average rating of 83.4%. I used the American urban medium hall here.

James Bailey appeared on a comedy show, Live from New Jersey for solid ratings. Good shit.

Vuelo, BB, and Fuji got a raise. I changed things up and schedules a crossover event with BDG and then sent most of my roster to various promotions on loan. I sent scouts looking for hidden gems.

1.Takaya b Muchos-69%
2.Wilson b Romero-75%
3.RDM b Torres-72%
4.BDG HW Title: BB b Navarro(c)-72%
5.ACE HW Title: Greyson(c) b Gutierrez-70%

Once again, WSW comes out on top of another promotional standoff. These events are semi-shoot style in my mind, with the talents simply trying to legit win for their promotion. Attendance hit 31540 of 30000 and an average rating of 71.6 in the American rural large hall.

WSW was featured in an American magazine this month. I also received a request from Jorge from SL to work an upcoming show.

Current Champions in WSWWSW HW-Howard
WSW JR-Collins
WSW HW TAG-HybriDeath(RDM,Young)
WSW JR TAG-FLASH(Collins,Stewart)
WSW 6-MAN-NOBLE(Howard,Bailey,Anderson)
SWA HW-Young
DFW HW Tag-HybriDeath(Young,RDM)
DFW JR-Houston
*DFW 6-MAN-Howard with ROW's Brown, Kelly
ACE HW-Greyson
ACE HW TAG-FLASH(Collins,Stewart)

Howard teamed up with Kelly and Brown from ROW to win the DFW 6-Man Titles away from his NOBLE mates while away on loan apparently.

So, the Heavyweight division now has the WSW, SWA, DFW, ACE, and BDG belts. 
The Junior has the WSW and DFW.
The Heavyweight Tag has the WSW, DFW, and ACE
The Junior Tag has the WSW
The 6-Man has the WSW and one third of the DFW

That allows for a total of 19 total champs right now or 21 if I get back the rest of the DFW 6-Man. I want every roster member holding gold to make a statement. This might not be how I'd run a real fed, but I like the idea for the rising company I'm running right now to be a beacon of fear for the bigger companies. Plus, I'm mainly pretending having the belts in WSW actually helps expose the others anyway.

Williams, Young, RDM, Bullock, Greyson, and Houston got minor raises.

I'm not happy seeing a C in trust next to BB and Fuji. Will need to keep an eye on that for sure.

I reloaded on all merch.

PURE HEART Winner-Fuji (earned shot to main event DESTINY)
HW #1-Walker/Williams (both managed to get victories over HW Champs)
JR #1-Brian
TAG #1-Koichiro,Stewart

Wolf Spirit XIV CARD
1.DFW JR Title: Houston(c) vs Brian
Brian picked the DFW JR Championship for his opportunity
2.Dickson vs Robinson
3.FLASH(Collins,Stewart),NOBLE(Bailey,Anderson) vs PRIDE(Fuji,Wilson),Takaya,Vuelo
4.SL HW Title: Funeral Malo(c) vs Howard
5.ACE HW Title: Greyson(c) vs Walker
Walker picked the ACE Championship for his opportunity
6.BDG HW Title: BB(c) vs Williams
Williams picked the BDG Championship for his opportunity
7.DFW HW Tag: HybriDeath(Young,RDM)(c) vs FLASH(Koichiro,Baron) 
Stewart stepped aside to allow Baron Charles to take her place in this contest.

(Bullock is working DFW during the show.)