DDT Judgement 2020 Review

0.Kazusada vs Heatley *3/4
1.Keigo,Naomi vs Okatani,Shunma **1/2
2.DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Title Battle Royal NR
3.Moonlight Express,Oishi,Aoki vs DAMNHEARTS(CIMA,Soma,Pauli,Lindaman) ***1/2
4.ALL OUT(Akito,Iino),Chambers vs DISASTER BOX(Marufuji,HARASHIMA,Ueno) ***1/2
5.DAMNHEARTS(Endo,T-Hawk,Nobuhiro) vs Eruption(Kazusada,Yukio,Saki) ***1/2
6.Right to Challenge at Saitama Super Arena Sword: Endo vs Chambers ***
7.DDT Universal Title: Brookes(c) vs Daisuke ***3/4
8.KO-D Openweight Title: Tanaka(c) vs Takeshita ****

The dark match was okay for what it was and the opener was decent.

They followed this by getting a lot of the lower card guys in on an extended section highlighted by the Iron Man Heavy Metal Championship changing hands. It was entertaining but not something I'd give a rating to.

They cleaned the ring afterward.

The third match was a high energy affair and I love the alliance between #SH and DAMNATION. It just hit recommendation levels though was still a tad under my expectations. Still, this newer union should provide for a lot of quality action this year.

Very good stuff in the four spot and even DDT's newest import toy got a chance to solo with Marufuji, so that's cool.  After, CIMA and Soma stood off with Maru and HARA and challenged them for Peter Pan!!!

Certainly some of these streamers are going to spread covid19...

Poor taste, sorry...

Hey, what's inside the cars in the Cars franchise? Weird organs or storage space? That series of films has some weird repercussions.

Pretty sure T-Hawk tried to kill Saki in the next match. Yea, DAMNHEARTS is awesome, but Eruption rocks my socks, too. Just felt that was worth mentioning. But yea, this was borderline great and a nice display from both units. DDT keeps me on my toes often and I love it.

We seem to have gotten to that special part of the card on DDT shows that I tend to pull a few matches back now. Looking good.

A nice bonus match saw Endo and Chambers go one on one. Good sprint style encounter with the right guy winning. Chambers is going to be a nice part of the roster going forward, as I keep saying.

Brookes and Daisuke's title match was a bit overbooked and chaotic, but it was also a great encounter with strong action and nice storywork weaved in. Sasaki winning the Universal Championship is an interesting move. It's not like we can have Brookes traveling with it right now, though.

Honda wanted a future shot but was declined.

Closing this one, Tanaka put the top prize on the line versus THE Takeshita. I've really enjoyed this title reign, as surprising as it is. I consider Takeshita the best worker in DDT and one of the best in the world, but I'm kind of glad they didn't switch holders here. A defense versus Marufuji would be nice before it's over, by the way. Anyway, Tanaka once again displayed just how awesome he still is and he and Takeshita did a good job in this fantastic main event.

How many tables has Tanaka used in his career?

After, Iino nearly challenged Tanaka before Eruption made a statement promising to take over DDT.

Now, I am honestly a big uneasy on DDT running this show with fans in attendance and I'm starting to lean toward axing empty arena shows for now, too. That said, I am still thankful that I got to see this very entertaining show on my birthday. Go give DDT Universe a try and watch this show so you can see why I brag so much about this company here. I mean, after I update my top promotions of 2020 list, they'll now be in the #3 spot!

wXw 16 Carat Gold content will likely be next. Thanks for reading.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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