AAA Worldwide: Queretaro Parte 1 Review

1.Parka Negra, Maravilla, Hiedra vs Dinastia, Mami, Iguana ***1/4
2.Familia Real(Hijo Park,Park Jr) vs Jinetes del Aire(Myzteziz Jr,Octagon Jr) vs Super Fly, Villano III Jr ***3/4
3.Faccion Ingobernable(Rush,Park,Bestia) vs Lucha Bros, Laredo Kid ***3/4

Remember when Angle wore that wig to cover his bald head back in the day? Maravilla is wearing a beanie to do the same. The opener was a fun trios encounter, with some continued drama from Mami/Maravilla tacked on and solid action. The put up the damn kiss cam during an Iguana/Hiedra spot, by the way.

The second match was a very good spotfest. The Parks were super over, Jinetes killed it once again, and even the worst team here still looked good in defeat. Great stuff here, worth seeking out if you love this type of match!

Argenis attacked Myzteziz Jr and Negra Parka attacked Hijo Park after.

Fenix dove well past Park and straight into the crowd in the last match of the night. The Ingobernable unit works very well with the Lucha Bros and Laredo here, but I mean looking at who was involved should ensure that this being a fun outing is no real surprise. Really, this was great, too and full of excitement. Averno's run-in and the shitty finish didn't even hurt the quality much.

Post-match, closing the episode, a reunited Psycho Circus ran out and saved the tecnicos from further destruction, which came off like a big moment.

In all, this is just another high quality episode of wrestling television from AAA with a nice level of effort on display and some decent plot threads laid out alongside some strong action. Click play and enjoy the chaos!

Overall Thoughts: 80/100%

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