Why You Should Watch the CFL Instead of the XFL

Vince McMahon is a very polarizing name in the wrestling industry, known for his willingness to throw around money to get his way even when he has no idea on how to follow up. Despite how you may feel about him, and the WWE, it's worth noting that, as I'm sure you've likely heard, he has spearheaded the return of the XFL.

Yes, the football league from the 90's that he failed with is back.


Well, let's be blunt. Even the experts are saying it'd be a massive surprise if the league lasts two seasons. That's my stance, as well. I'd say they'd fold after one, again, but Vince is far too ego driven to let it happen that way twice.

The best part of any league is an attachment to teams, and that's not something that just puffs out of thin air. With the knowledge that the XFL likely won't last long, it's understandable if you stay away from diving head first into being a fan of a select team, too.

But, for those seeking an alternative to the NFL, but with more stability and a long history behind it, there is a solid option.

Enter, the Canadian Football League.

Several few years back, I checked the league out and loved what I saw and I consider myself a pretty big Argonaut fan these days.

The rules of the league are unique without being clumsy, the talent is there and is more select to fit the style of play, and the tone in general just comes off as top notch. I'm not looking to give a wiki full of info here, but you can easily search for this stuff if you want to know more.

The best part?

It's pretty damn easy to watch, especially now.

So, if you want a true alternative to the NFL go ahead and just start watching the CFL, instead.

You'll thank me later.

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