Select Match Reviews: Oro de Japon

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Matches from NJPW Presenta CMLL Fantastica Mania 01/19:
1.NGD (Sanson, Cuatrero, Forastero) vs Hermanos Chavez, Titan ***3/4
2.NWA Historic LHW Title: Stuka(c) vs Okumura ***1/2
3.CMLL Heavyweight Title: UG(c) vs Kojima ***1/2

The pulls from this one started with a great trios battle and a match that featured one of the big ongoing stories from this year's tours and modern CMLL in general. I always praise NGD as one of the best units in wrestling when they're motivated and they certainly were here. The tecnicos were game, too.

The other two matches I checked out were title defenses.

Stuka Jr put up the NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship in the first one, taking on Okumura. Admittedly, I would like to see the belts defended more against NJPW talents instead. Stuka Jr versus someone like Ishimori instead. I had very little expectations for this but had seen a few people rave about it so, why not give it a go...

Chaotic in nature, providing for a touch of smoke and mirrors, but honestly I get why some people enjoyed it so much. I'll land in the middle, calling it pretty good and worth seeing, but not to the extremes I'm seeing from most who watched it. Fun stuff.

Closing this one, Ultimo Guerrero and Kojima faced off for the CMLL Heavyweight Championship. At least this one was against a NJPW star, though these days Kojima's more jobber than anything else. They both worked hard, stepping up nicely and gave us a very enjoyable title match. It felt like a nice hybridization of the two universes which is exactly what I wanted and it's always nice seeing UG break outside of his comfort zone.

One more night of Fantastica Mania to take a look at.

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