Select Match Reviews: Hearts Prevail

Matches from IWRG 01/26:
1.Black Terry, Lindaman, Emp. Azteca vs Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen, Relampago, Super Nova ***
2.Elimination: Strong Hearts(CIMA,T-Hawk) vs Puma King, Septimo Dragon vs Los Golpeadores ***1/4

The atomicos match built up nicely into an overall good outing, but was too disjointed and lacking enough that it wasn't recommendation levels by the end. It is what it is, though what it is happens to be disappointing considering the talent level involved.

The three-way tag main was a bit controversial. I enjoyed the match, but it's worth mentioning the heat between the Strong Hearts and Los Golpeadores. CIMA and T-Hawk went as far to call Canis unprofessional while the latter said he had lost all respect for CIMA; both taking place in after-match interviews. It derailed a bit and was never fully on track enough to recommend it, either. The Relampago interference spots in particular came off as wonky as did the finish.

I like the IWRG boys, but they're known to be dicks and they are pissing off the wrong people.

Skip these unless you wanna see the situation play out.

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