Select Match Reviews: Familia en Japon

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Matches from NJPW Presenta CMLL Fantastica Mania 01/17:
1.Titan vs Forastero ***1/2
2.Family Tag Tournament Finals: Hermanos Chavez vs NGD (Cuatrero, Sanson) ***3/4

One of my favorite, annual wrestling traditions, FantasticaMania has evolved a bit over the years and now is largely becoming a glorified version of CMLL's regular shows that just happens to be taking place in Japan.

Note that this isn't a true complaint and more of an observation.

This show featured two matches that specifically caught my eye.

The first was a singles match between Titan and Forastero and the outcome was a borderline great encounter between the two. Both are underrated performers.

The second saw NGD, the best lucha heels in the world when they want to be, win this year's Family Tag Tournament by besting Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja in a great, all action sprint.

I'll have more from the tour soon but these two were certainly worth checking out!

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