NWA Powerrr #17 Review

1.Cross vs Konley ***
2.NWA National Title: Stevens(c) vs Murdoch *1/2
3.Storm, Drake vs Jocephus, Mims **
4.NWA Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Allysin Kay ***

I loved the old intro and actually prefer it but the new one is pretty fun. Plus, seeing Cody in the background was interesting.

Tim Storm gets some studio time to kick this week's episode off officially, getting a nice, "Momma Storm" chant. He calls the fans family and then moves on to putting over Lattimer from Strictly Business. He's asked about retirement rumors but shuts them down. This moves to a brief encounter with Lattimer and Kamille and then a fake Momma Storm coming out for cheap comedy. Good start to the segment, but a shitty end-half.

Starks worked commentary for the next one. I love that they brought Cross back in. I love that he got the nod over Konley, too. This felt completely different than what you usually see on NWA Powerrr. I liked the energy and the match itself was enjoyable. Please, sign Cross full-time!

The Aldis promo from his home was well done. The counter-offer suggestion has me thinking it was dropped for a reason...Free Enterprise this Sunday looks to have some added drama!

We get another look at the Kingston promo/package we saw last week showing Pope fuck him over with help from the Dawsons before Pope and those big brothers work the studio. Good stuff. Eddie came out after a few, and...well, when he's on, he's fucking on. I love when Eddie is motivated and NWA certainly seems to have done exactly that.

The Bouncers (from ROH) came out in alliance with Kingston and ran off the heels. I was admittedly hoping for just about anyone else to come out, but maybe that's just me.

May's Diary was...something. Pretty sure she's on drugs. Pretty sure anyone who liked that segment has to be, too.

The A.S.S. defends the National strap next. I liked them throwing Question Mark out early, hoping it would lead to a bit less nonsense from the match, but that was clearly asking too much. The story at hand here led to a pretty flat match with only a few moments I actually enjoyed. Sadly, Aron's reign continues. At least there was a visual victory from Murdoch?

Dice promises to do whatever we want if NWA hits an additional 100k subs.

Real quick, but why is Aldis teaming with Rush at Free Enterprise? Ah, nevermind, to build to angles at the same time. My bad. Nice choice. They promote the Lucky 7 rule again this week. A bit like the X-Division cash in concept with more steps. Social Media accounts for businesses are weird. The entire Sean Mooney section was decent.

Up next, the NWA Tag Champs were in action. It was essentially a squash, though an extended one.

The main, a rematch from Into the Fire, was fairly good but failed to match the quality of their ppv match. The walk out stuff certainly contributed to that. Still, there was a good lot of heart on display and I had a good time. Thunder is turning face VERY soon especially with the news of the upcoming defense.

NWA Powerrr this week had some good stuff, largely the opening and closing matches. The promos etc all felt...off, though. While this went by fast, it was one of my least favorite episodes since I started watching. Far from bad, overall, but not quite good, either.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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