Episode Card:
1.ONE Strawweight Title: Pacio(c) vs Silva ***
2.Folayang vs Buist ***

This week's episode has a quick package and then we join Pacio/Silva in the 5th. It started with a fantastic knee strike and followed by a nice tech display. Remember that I review what the show provides, even when cut down, and give ratings as long as the fight shown is at least three minutes long. This fit that criteria and was a good fight, but it's worth noting that what they gave us and the results don't match up in my opinion.

Following that up, we get another starting in the last round; this time in the third, though. Like the fight before it, this was good stuff, though outside of the must-see realm, and featured another controversial outcome.

You can skip this one if you're low on time, but know it was good overall even if nothing was truly great.

Overall Rating: 70/100%