I haven't watched NASCAR regularly in years. Heck, I just found out recently that my favorite active racer isn't active and had retired. I have already noticed that a lot has changed, but my son is getting into racing and it's sparking me back in. The season has already started with a bang with drama and excitement and I figured it might be worthwhile to jot down my thoughts in case there was any cross-over appeal here. If I come off as pissy at all, know that it's due to the Nets crumbling tonight.

This is the first of two exhibition events, essentially working as NASCAR's preseason. Note that I skipped the Bluegreen Vacation Duels. A mini-race, this was good fun. For those looking for the crushed metal moments; near the end of the race we saw a three-car wreck. An even bigger pile-up followed on the restart. If that's not enough, we had a third after that one! Still not enough, you salty bastard? Fine, well, they had a fourth before closing this one out.

Erik Jones took the W in exciting fashion in the final lap.

It was an ugly race, but a wild ride, too!

That chaos I mention above in the Clash? Yea, this Truck Series race was arguably even heavier in drama and excitement. The truck circuit is underrated entertainment and this was just a thrill ride through and through.

Racing Experience 300
This was pretty clean, solid fun. With seven to go, a major pileup sparked things a bit, but in general this came off as a solid start of the season for the series. It looked like we might have a major finish, potentially, but a wreck below brought out the yellow and took out that possibility.

When they were done kissing 45's ass, Sheamus drove the pace car and Earnhardt Jr waved the flag to get us started. The race was pretty clean for a long run, and the alternative camera angles they used to spice things up from time to time were pretty awesome.

A few minor accidents across the early stages added some drama, but I must say this stage system stuff isn't something I love. Their playoff system I was reading about is a bit annoying, too. It all feels needless.

I wish I could root for one of the Toyota drivers, since I still believe that the reason I survived that accident a few years ago is because of how safe the brand is, but sadly I just can't. As of right now, the only driver in the bunch I support is Keselowski. Might I add, though, that NASCAR still has a serious diversity issue!

With less than 20 to go, the big one finally happened.

That was a game changer.

Logano can fuck right off for that one.

Now, note that one of the scariest things I've ever seen in racing took place shortly after during overtime final lap. You can tell just how much safer these cars are now versus where they were in 2001. Luckily, Newman was largely okay.

The finish was also worth noting for being one of the closest ever, with Hamlin taking the overall W.

NASCAR has a bit of an image issue and is in need to bringing in new fans. I credit their YouTube channel for being well rounded, but think they have a lot of improvements still needing to be made. In regards to their season opener, I found the Clash and Daytona 500 to be enjoyable experiences with a lot of technical, strategic racing and some chaos sprinkled in.

Racing isn't for everyone, and that's fine. I haven't been watching for a pretty long time but you can likely expect more of these posts moving forward, especially as long as my son is having a good time!