NWA Circle Squared #1 Review

1.Hawx Aerie vs Neal, Dean NR

Sean Mooney plays host for the new series which promises to spotlight talent that are seeking to make it to Powerrr and an NWA contract in general.

PJ and Luke Hawx are the first competitors out. A father and son duo, for those unaware. Hawx Aerie, the groups tag name, cut a decent promo together. If you're a fan who has been online recently, I guarantee you've seen PJ recently.

I like the cutaways looking at bloggers' reactions. It works well for the concept and admittedly I'd love to be involved one day.

Koloff came out but only a few fans seemed to recognize him before he was formally announced. He'll be working as a coach for Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean.

They mixed in a package building up Melina's title shot next week.

The additional backstage promo for both teams was a decent add on.

Note that we spent the first 15 minutes building to the match, and when we got it...well, it was too short to actually give a rating to. It was solid, but I think these should be at in that 5-10 minute window instead of sub-3. It was solid regardless and the right team won. It's a bit surprising still to see the outcome considering the Koloff affiliation.

You can tell the crew doesn't watch a lot of lucha libre, since they keep acting like it's rare to see a father/son duo.

They gave some updated info on the Crockett Cup, by the way! The build has been going for a few weeks now, and now we know the official day and location; April 19th in Atlanta, Georgia at the Gateway Center. I'm pretty excited for that show.

While the debut wasn't perfect and there was a touch of roughness around the edges, it was a largely enjoyable introduction nonetheless. It reminded me a bit of the Dojo Pro concept, which I think might be something to consider stealing a bit off of as the show progresses.

Check it out if you're interested in seeing what NWA's up to now!

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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