1.Abismo Negro Jr, Demus, La Hiedra vs Taya, Mr. Iguana, Mascarita Dorada ***1/2
2.AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Maravilla, Villano III Jr(c) vs Big Mami, Hamburguesa vs Dinastia, Vanilla vs Arez, Keyra ***3/4
3.Los Mercanarios(Texano,Taurus,Escorpion) vs Hijo del Vikingo, Murder Clown, Puma King ***1/2

Worldwide is finally finished with 2019 material and, as such, it's time to dig back into the series.

The opener this week had high energy with a heavy dose of comedy and a whole lotta showcase action. Truly, a very good match and a nice way to start the episode.

After, the honored Mascarita which set up a moment with Faccion Ingobernables coming out and beating the shit out of him. There was a tease that Park and Rush will fight again down the line, but not before they take out the rest of the AAA roster.

The follow up was even better. Note that Big Mami was pretty fucking over, which is fair after that big match at the end of last year. The overall pacing and tone worked well and the chaotic nature that was promised from being a cluster with these guys and gals involved worked in its favor. It peaked nicely and in general was a great outing with sprinkles of story filler following up on last year's big Mami/Nino/Maravilla angle.

After, the Strong Hearts core-three came out and wrecked Nino and Mami, making a statement in the process. I'm all for that!

In the main event, the rudos played rudo games setting up that underdog surge we all know and love from the tecnicos. Vikingo was innovative as always. They maintained the frenzied formula I had expected in this one and the finish came off strong, too. I had a lot of fun watching this one and would call it borderline-great!

AAA is in the middle of an extended hot streak and I'm hoping they have won back disenfranchised fans and won over new ones at the same time. This was an hour of highly entertaining wrestling in their style. AAA has one of the deepest, most underrated rosters in the game right now, so check out what they can do!

Overall Rating: 85/100%