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Match from NJPW New Year's Dash:
1.CHAOS (Ishii, Goto) vs LIJ (SHINGO, EVIL) ****1/2

This is post #1000 for the blog, for those keeping track. I watched just one match in full, but caught the angles and, in particular, the big Liger sendoff. What better way to hit 1000 than with the sendoff of a true legend.

Thank you, Liger!

Other notable moments included FinJuice accepting a challenge from the intriguing duo of Kota and Tanahashi, Mox and Suzuki having a killer post-match brawl moment, and the set up for White/SANADA and KENTA/Naito that got the crowd heated. All well done as we continue into the new year.

In the pull, the LIJ/CHAOS rivalry continued in epic fashion. While no big turns or anything like that happened on this show like most expected, it's hard to complain when we got that Liger moment and then this truly amazing tag encounter in the style I love a MOTYC setting up another potential MOTYC between SHINGO and Goto for the NEVER Openweight Championship.

Go out of your way to see it!