Select Match Reviews: Lucha Air Royalty

Matches from CMLL 01/14:
1.Reyes del Aire, Cibernetico ****
2.Mephisto vs Mistico ***1/2

I'm a sucker for a good cibernetico, and this first pull was indeed a good one. The field was made up of Drone, Templario, Cometa, Kawato, Principe Diamante, Akuma, Black Panther, Hijo del Signo, Star Jr, Virus, Esfinge, and Disturbio. As deep as their roster is, that's some of their top talents that didn't go to Japan all in one match, so it's understandable why it turned out so well.

The extended dive spamming section following the feeling out portion really pushed this one upward. They transitioned nicely enough into eliminations, while keeping the high flying highlights coming throughout. There was a lot of subtle excellence on display, too and enough meat on the bones that any lucha lover will appreciate this one. Once we got down to the final two, it elevated once more to the point that I can easily recommend this fantastic contest to any wrestling fan in general, even those who don't typically watch much lucha libre.

The main event, and pull number two, featured Mephisto in full rudo form. He was a complete dick, getting a DQ in the first fall for pulling of his opponent's mask, with Mistico II playing from underneath and getting some big dive spots in to push the story nicely. Simple stuff done well. The second fall was worked like a big match third and the whole thing was borderline great.

My FantasticaMania select review should be up soon. In the meantime, check these out!

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