ONE Championship Weekly + 01/16 Review

Episode Card:
1.ONE Muay Thai Flyweight Title: Rodtang(c) vs Haggerty ***3/4
2.Stamp vs Puja **1/2
3.ONE Strawweight Title: Naito(c) vs Pacio *** (NE4R)

A New Tomorrow, the first show of ONE's 2020 calendar, begins to receive coverage here. Up first, we get championship action starting in the third round. Note that I loved what I saw so much that I went ahead and watched the full fight, which you can find here. The rating above is reflective of the full fight, but if you only have time for the episode version, it's still enjoyable.

Great stuff, full of excitement! The champ has every right to be cocky.

Up next, Stamp's latest bout and one using mma rules. It didn't last long. She's on her way to holding Kickboxing, Muay Thai, AND MMA gold in ONE! Stamp fucking dominated here, making Puja look like an absolute joke of an opponent in the process. Her technique was fantastic but the one sided nature did keep this from must-see territory outside of those who happen to love her work.

Closing this one out, we go back to 2018 to see Pacio win gold. This is to promote his upcoming fight on Fire & Fury, which takes place on the 31st. We jump in in the 5th round. What we got was a good, technical battle that went to decision, and I have no doubt the full fight was an even better experience. Pacio was my pick for best male fighter of 2019 and I see big things for him this year. The dude has not only the ability, but a level of heart that is unmatched by most.

This edition of ONE Championship Weekly was 30-minutes of pure entertainment and, even without digging out the full muay thai fight, it was well worth seeing.

Click play, especially if you're new to ONE.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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