1.Zane Dawson vs Dave Dawson **
2.Melina vs Ashley Vox NR
3.Outlaw Inc vs Aron Stevens, Question Mark **1/4
4.Strictly Business (Steiner, Wild Cards) vs Team Morton (Gibson, Drake, Storm) ***

I took a leap last week and enjoyed what I saw. I dig what they've been doing but wasn't sold on it enough to watch each week previously. Let's see how they followed things up before I decide my next move, though.

This one started with a recap before we cut to a shot from last weekend's ROH angle. I'll be looking at those shows soon, but for those who missed it Aldis ran in and essentially made it clear the NWA partnership was back on. Strange to see it return so soon after it was abruptly ceased but perhaps that's part of the Scurll effect? I think it could work much better this time.

The NWA Tag Champs and legends, Rock 'n' Roll Express are interviewed. Solid stuff helping to build off of last week and promote tonight's main event, too.

The announced the brackets for the TV Title. Having the ABC and CBS logos still on the belt is a tad funny. Replace them with YouTube and Fite logos and change it to the Internet Championship? Won't happen, of course, but food for thought. The open slots are of interest.

Dice and Starks shared a moment. Not much but short. Just felt a bit cheap.

Our first match of the night was a decent, hoss brothers encounter that, while far from must-see, was fine and short and, as a result, an acceptable way to start the action part of the evening. The finish was old school.

The Hard Times ad was nice. We also got a look at the Colt/Anderson story.

Melina sighting! Vox had a resilient, babyface full of heart style teased a tad here but the right person won and I am slightly intrigued to see Melina and Kay for the title. Could be good. This one was just under my required time threshold to give a rating, though.

An extended peak at the ROH situation followed. Strictly Business versus Villain Enterprises, anyone? Flip is announced as Aldis' opponent for Hard Times. That could be good, too.

Pope, Kingston, and Homicide stand together. Pope, who I don't think I realized was back, was good. He called out Stevens and Question Mark. I don't care much for Aron's work that I've seen in NWA Powerrr nor do I think he should be National Champ, but it is what it is. He admittedly hasn't ever done a lot for me and the best thing I can remember him doing was that ditto work when he was tagging with Miz forever ago (and that was still just a novelty). The better team lost. Decent but largely forgettable. The Pope didn't look amused after.

Insert cheap Idol commercial here.

Aldis, Steiner, and crew came out for their interview before the main event. Scott cut one of his promos in the way that only he cuts a promo. If you want mostly coherent shouting, here ya go. Good promo? Nah, but he's unique, at least.

The main event saw Tim Storm and Eli Drake join in on Morton's team to take on Aldis' crew and they put on a fairly good show. Entertaining stuff and I actually dig the Morton/Aldis match this sets up.

Last week's episode didn't feature any specific match worth running to see and nothing actually hit recommendation levels, but as a whole the episode worked well and made for an hour of decent entertainment. That's all I ask for, really. Maybe I just didn't have my head in the right place last year. Maybe it's just gelling better this year. I don't know. I do know that the product they're putting out is winning me over right now. There's a simplicity here that is coming off as refreshing. My review style works for me but also might have caused me to miss out a bit on NWA Powerrr...which still has a fucking awful name. So, I won't promise every week I'll be reviewing the show, but I will check in more often. Heck, I'll even go watch the first episode of the year right now that I missed if for no other reason than sleep issues.

Last week was better, for those keeping score but this was a fun, altogether package, too.

Overall Rating: 65/100%