NWA Powerrr #12 Review

1.Submission Exhibition: Stevens vs Rinauro NR
2.Murdock vs Stevens *3/4
3.Steelz vs Belle **1/4
4.Tim Storm vs Royce Isaacs **3/4

Perhaps for consistency to aid in my little OCD issues, or perhaps because I wanted more NWA Powerrr (which I might try to watch every episode of this year), I went back to watch this one. I've seen the other 2020 editions and have actually been won over by them, so fuck it, right?

Something just clicked, you know? It helps a lot that Corny was cut. Seriously, fuck that dude.

So, this one starts with a recap of Strictly Business forming and a nice promo from Tim Storm before we get the intro video, which might be my favorite current intro video for a wrestling series, by the way.

The episode proper started with a newer Storm promo. Dude's just good on the mic. Aldis walks out and works the mic well, as usual, too. I love the Randy the Ram callout and enjoyed the overall segment.

Sadly, the action side started with Aron Stevens stuff and we actually got two matches in that realm. It all only took about six minutes or so, but it's certainly one aspect of the show I don't care much for at all. A tad too campy, if you will. The save, promo, and second match was a tad better than the first but it's not saying much. Murdock was the best part of this whole stretch of time.

Did you survive Hurricane Kayfabe? I didn't. RIP.

The Pope and Outlaw Inc with a ringside, dark clip chatting and putting each other over. That angle has me intrigued right now.

Eli Drake gets a promo and Colt joins. These promos are actually really good most of the time and I enjoyed this one, for sure. I dig how it ties into the Anderson/Colt thing that I'm jumping largely blind in, by the way.

The girl powerrr ringside came off well. Does the Melina, Thunder, Marti group have a name? The women's contest was okay for what it was, but largely average.

Aldis with another strong promo, getting nice heat with the bait and switch main event change. It worked on many levels and the contest was pretty solid all things considered.

I might be enjoying the show now more than I had been, but there are still some aspects that aren't for me. Aron Stevens is one of them and he got a decent amount of time on this episode. The studio chats were good and the best part of this one as none of the other matches really did a lot for me, either. Of the three episodes of 2020, this was the weakest from an in-ring standpoint and if I had started with this one I wouldn't be watching any more full episodes for a while. It is what it is. I'm still excited for next week and I can at least say aid myself in the OCD department if nothing else.

Pro Wrestling NOAH reviews should be up next, likely tomorrow night, for those who care.

Overall Rating: 55/100%