Note on 2020 Wrestling Coverage

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By now, I hope it's obvious that if something is recommended to me regardless of where it's from, there's a good chance I'll check it out. The only real exclusion of the blog is WWE products, which I no longer am watching at all after WWE unceremoniously dropped the trend of showing TakeOver events on Hulu. I have no desire to pay Vince a penny, let alone ten bucks a month.

So, that said, while I am going to continue searching and seeking out the best of the best, I did want to make my ambitions clear. My intended main sources of wrestling in 2020 are the following, separated by region for fancy convenience because I'm cool like that.

United States
AEW and IMPACT will likely be the top ones for me, though I will check in on ROH when they aren't fucking up royally, and of course any indie match that I pick up on or just catches my eye (especially from PWG, PCW Ultra, Defy, etc).

No changes here, really. AAA gets first nod and priority. CMLL has dropped in rank for me a lot last year but remain a personal favorite. They'll get checked out alongside IWRG when I notice something worth seeing. Smaller things will pop up when they do.

wXw and PROGRESS get most of my attention in this area, with RevPro, Riptide, etc being top background feds.

Japan is easily my main source, as the country just gets wrestling in a way the rest of the world tries and typically fails to emulate. New Japan, DDT, Dragon Gate, NOAH, All Japan, Wrestle-1, and STARDOM are not only Japanese priorities, but wrestling priorities for me. A lot of coverage will continue to be puro/joshi based.

Everything else from anywhere else is typically background noise except when it's not.

In regards to the Red's Wrestling Show series, I am working on #2 (with a format change) and considering making a move to get these running once a month. We'll see. Depends on how well a talk with DJ goes that I have scheduled.

Thanks for reading this little workhorse blog and I hope I retain your eyes and brains in 2020.

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