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Matches from IMPACT Wrestling: Hard to Kill 01/12:
1.Call Your Shot Trophy: Elgin vs Edwards ***3/4
2.IMPACT World Title: Callihan(c) vs Tessa ****

IMPACT has been a strong show since dropping the TNA name and moving forward as a company, so my hopes were that they'd start the year on a high note. Instead, there's been a bit of drama with some illnesses and injuries tacked on for good measure and this show that's getting mixed reviews from a few sites.

It is what it is.

Alas, the good news is that Hard to Kill did feature two matches worth seeing so my review methods are paying off once more by only providing me (and you by proxy) with the best of the best.

Up first, we have another round in the Elgin/Edwards rivalry. Their recent encounter on IMPACT's weekly series was very good. This was better. Both worked a nice pace and kept the intensity up well enough along the way, providing for a great match between two of the best on the roster. I also love the finish as it was smartly done instead of the way, say, WWE tends to handle such things.

Closing the show, Tessa's arc of seeking out the World Championship, as well as her ongoing issues with Sami, came to an end as she finally overcame and became one of the first women to ever hold a "man's" title. Sadly, it's overshadowed a bit if you follow wrestling news but let's move past that as I wasn't there for the alleged actions and I'd like to think, if true, she's grown since them. Same is true for Elgin, by the way. It is what it is. It still came off as a big moment so props to all involved plus it was a fantastic match loaded with drama. Win-win with a touch a lose? Whatever, just watch it and separate the behind the scenes from the action like we all should try to with art.

IMPACT these days is a hybridization of sports entertainment and super indie and tends to be a very fun experience when I take a leap. These two were indeed fun. Check them out if you'd like.