Fantasy Booking Chris Brookes in Japan #1: Playdough Exploding Bat & Flaming Cactus Death Match

So, Chris Brookes has announced he not only likes DDT and the manner in which they book him, but that he loves it enough to stay for a much longer tour upon his return. His past proclamation that he's embracing the culture has been met with Japan as a whole throwing him into the fire and asking in return...
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So, let me help the bookers in Japan come up with solidly amazing ideas on what to do with him on their next events. This is entry number one in a new, ongoing series.


Let's run this fucker down! So, the best opponent for this one is obviously Miyako. She deserves a rematch.

Also, the crowd needs to be wearing cheap Liger masks. Hand some printed out paper masks to everyone and tell them if they take them off, Miyako will murder them.

Next, have the entrances, anthems, etc. while explaining to the crowd that there is a solid chance someone might die tonight, but what is life anyway...

The rules are easy and utilize a custom 2/3 falls set.

To win the first fall, you must first sculpt your opponent using the playdough. The audience will determine who did the best job. You have five minutes to do so. You can also go Nailed It style with judges and shit if preferred.

The second you win by successfully utilizing an exploding bat on your opponent.

If it goes to three, you can only win by submission or pinfall AFTER lighting a provided cactus on fire and using it however the user sees fit.

Run in moments are only allowed during the second fall, and should include literally the entire available DDT locker room.