Dear God, why!? The intro was funny shit but hopefully the last we see of the kid in anything AEW related. Nothing personal, I just fear it'd hurt AEW's credibility.

The crew chill and celebrate the New Year at TIAA Bank Field. Angelico kicks a decent field goal while Orange fucks shit up.

Height discrepancies between the Jungle Express are called out front and center for the world to see while Jungle Boy proves he can't focus around attractive women.

Leva is the parental identity the roster so sorely needed but rules by an as-I-say mentality.

They've teased intergender matches moving forward for Kenny and Riho in AEW and we got a taste next, as it looks like we're getting Kip and Ford versus the pair.

Page continues to need an intervention in a segment worth seeing...

The episode ends with a reminder that once you join the Dark Order, you can never leave.

Strong way to start the year for BTE. Click play and enjoy responsibly.