1.AEW Tag Titles: SCU(Kaz,Sky) (c) vs The Elite(Omega,Page) ***3/4
2.Baker vs Priscilla **1/2
3.Jurassic Express vs Inner Circle(Jericho,PnP) ***1/2
4.MJF vs Janela **3/4
5.PAC vs Mox ***1/2

Another special edition of Dynamite, and I love the tone and setting of this one.

The opener was great, with a steady pace building up nicely as they were given a lot of time to run with. They are clearly going the long-game route with Page's turn, which is fine if the matches keep turning out as good as they are. The teases continued, with a few friendly fire shots and Page going to celebrate on his own. This is the first title change in AEW, it took place on a cruise ship, and it was generally just entertaining stuff! I'm seeing AEW in a few weeks live and would love a Sky versus Omega singles match, for the record...

The follow up was decent, and it was cool seeing Kelly in AEW again. She was seen during the All Out Buy In Casino Battle Royal. The big takeaway was the continued Baker heel turn being solidified in the post-match. Her being a heel is fine.

Up third, Inner Circle and Jurassic Express worked a smart, fun six-man. I like the story progression and small things done right approach here and the flash win for Jericho was nice, as always. The Judas Effect has grown on me. Good stuff.

With the ongoing MJF/Cody angle, the next one needed to showcase how much of a dick MJF truly is. That's what they went for, largely successfully, and the match itself was pretty decent and some of the selling was spot on. I could have done without the Kip/Ford walk-out, but it is what it is.

The promo from MJF and general aftermatch was great fun.

Fluffy was on the boat?!?

Omega and Page chat with Tony about winning the belts, Omega about PAC, and Page cheap shots the Bucks about winning the belts before they did.

Jericho works commentary for the main which worked well.

I loved the PAC package during his entrance. It was truly awesome.

While the outcome of the main event was predictable as all hell, the match itself was very good. They even took what could have been a bad gimmick and made it work rather well (the bandage). The stare down after helped add to things and, in general, this was a very nice way to cap the evening.

This was a strong episode of AEW Dynamite with an awesome set, noteworthy happenings, and entertaining content in general. Check this one out if you botched!

Overall Rating: 75/100%