Ring of Honor posted this video today titled, "LIFEBLOODS FUTURE". It's a tad misleading, though as I expected answers and got more questions instead.

Haskins says he's moving forward and has the ROH World Championship in his sights, saying he's looking to get back to what he (and Tracy) came to ROH to do. But, that's just a semi-vague description of what Mark wants to do and actually sounds more like a singles job than anything a team would do.

The fact that Tracy Williams is the only other dude in the video also seems to suggest what I've come to the conclusion on, which is Bandido has moved on from the group, leaving just these two as the last sole members of Lifeblood.

I guess we'll just wait and see, but I really think one of 2019's biggest mistakes from ROH was not doing more with the group and I hope they start making adjustments in 2020.