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Top 10+ Matches of August 2019

Let's catch up on this section by looking at the best content from August. 1. Ishii vs SHINGO ****3/4 2. Okada vs SANADA ****3/4 3. Blue Demon vs Rey Wagner ****1/2 4. SHINGO vs Naito ****1/2 5. Gargano vs Cole ****1/2 6. Kota vs Okada ****1/2 7. Go vs Masa ****1/2 8. Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks ****1/2 ****1/4 Matches -Kota/Tanahashi 08/03 (njpw) -Tama,Tanga/Jay,Mark Briscoes 08/09 (roh) -Tanahashi/Ospreay 08/10 (njpw) -Fenix/Taurus/Laredo Kid/Puma King 08/10 (aaa) -Ishii/Taichi 08/11 (njpw) -SHINGO/Goto 08/11 (njpw) -White/Naito 08/12 (njpw) -Ospreay/Amazing Red 08/22 (njpw) -Ospreay/SHO 08/24 (njpw) -Dragon Lee/Phantasmo 08/25 (njpw) -Go/Marufuji 08/23 (noah) -Mochizuki/Kenou 08/29 (noah) -Okada/Suzuki 08/31 (njpw)

Weekly Wrestling Roundup: October 2019 (Week 2)

Week of 10/06-10/12 No Cutting Edge appeared on PuroDream again this week again and remember that AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr's debut were reviewed solo since they were...debuts. This Week's Roundup MVP: FENIX The smartest thing a promotion can do in regards to a talent like Fenix is to just book them in a match that allows them to go all out. AAA did that on this week's Worldwide and it made for a fantastic, spotfest title defense. While everyone worked hard in the contest, Fenix did retain and looked like a star the entire time. TV Match Reviews: 1.AAA Mega Title: Fenix(c) vs Taurus vs Laredo Kid vs Puma King ****1/4 AAA Worldwide If you love balls to the wall spotfests, this is something you need to see as soon as possible. Fenix's reign as Mega Champ has had a lot of problems, due largely to AAA related issues, but letting four of your best workers go at it in a one off car crash contest is perfect at least. Watch this now! 2.MLW Tag Titles: Dynasty(c) vs Los

Select Match Reviews: BarrioNetico

Match from IWRG Torneo FILL 84 1.Copa Higher Power Cibernetico: IWRG vs Welcome to mi Barrio **1/4 Thoughts: The ongoing joke in lucha circles is that no one seems to actually watch Welcome to Mi Barrio in the same way that no one seems to eat at Arby's despite it still existing somehow. I still tend to love these IWRG ciberneticos so I don't care who's involved. Sadly, this went off the rails a bit too much and, despite some good moments, was just too average to recommend to anyone. Skip it.

Select Match Reviews: Final Victory

Match from NOAH N-1 Victory Night 12 1.N-1 Victory Finals: Kenou vs Sugiura ****1/4 Thoughts: The N-1 might not have blown anyone away, but there was a decent amount of solid action on display here and it all comes to a close on a high note. Kenou is my favorite roster member, so him winning here was icing on the cake. While the match itself didn't hit the levels I expected and the finish was a bit iffy, I still found this to be a fantastic battle and something well worth checking out.