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Week of 10/06-10/12
No Cutting Edge appeared on PuroDream again this week again and remember that AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr's debut were reviewed solo since they were...debuts.

This Week's Roundup MVP: FENIX
The smartest thing a promotion can do in regards to a talent like Fenix is to just book them in a match that allows them to go all out. AAA did that on this week's Worldwide and it made for a fantastic, spotfest title defense. While everyone worked hard in the contest, Fenix did retain and looked like a star the entire time.

TV Match Reviews:
1.AAA Mega Title: Fenix(c) vs Taurus vs Laredo Kid vs Puma King ****1/4
AAA Worldwide

If you love balls to the wall spotfests, this is something you need to see as soon as possible. Fenix's reign as Mega Champ has had a lot of problems, due largely to AAA related issues, but letting four of your best workers go at it in a one off car crash contest is perfect at least. Watch this now!

2.MLW Tag Titles: Dynasty(c) vs Los Parks **

MLW Fusion
I love that MLW partnered up with The CRASH. I also like that the fed picked Dragon Lee and Rush over a CMLL partnership recently. Cheap heat promo to kick things off and a very average match followed. This felt nothing like what I am used to seeing from CRASH content and didn't even feel as fun as a lot of MLW stuff. Off night? Skip this either way.

3.Green Ant vs Ophidian ***1/4
Too short to be must-see, yet this is still one of my favorite CHIKARA matches of the year and a good display of the style the promotion showcases.

4.Rush vs Cavernario ***1/4
Good stuff with enough of an even matching style on display. Cavernario remains one of my favorite workers so it was nice seeing him get a bit of extra exposure, too.

5.Young Bucks vs Private Party ***3/4
AEW Dynamite
This was great, kicking off the show on a high note and the Bucks giving the rub to Private Party was an awesome move. Go out of your way to catch this one!

6.Darby vs Havoc ***
AEW Dynamite
This followed the awesome reveal of Jericho's unit's name. Good match with the right winner. Darby getting a shot next week should be fun and will set up a good story tool, too since Cody couldn't put the kid away during the summer. The choice of which matches would get PIP during commercials this week was rather strange.

7.Riho, Baker vs Bea, Emi **3/4
AEW Dynamite 
Solid tag action, but a bit messy at times. It served largely as a block to build closer to the Bea/Baker blowoff.

8.Spears vs Mox ***
AEW Dynamite
Good match establishing roles clearly. Spears taking another L is surprising in a way but there was no chance he was winning this, either way. It just sucks that it was booked at all since I feel Spears has cooled off completely from a time when I thought he was about to be one of their biggest heels. The aftermatch stuff was enjoyable.

9.Inner Circle vs Dustin, Page ***1/4
AEW Dynamite
I did expect Page might turn here but I'm kind of glad they didn't go that direction in hindsight. The right team won and I actually love that Sammy was set to team with Jericho in general. The show closed with a nice, chaotic segment as Dynamite continues to remind me of good-era Nitro. Truly, while only the opener was must-see, this was another very enjoyable episode of wrestling and I am left wanting more!

10.NXT Cruiserweight Title: Gulak(c) vs Lio Rush ***1/4
I see how Lio likely fits the vision for the division going forward, but it still sucks that Gulak's reign ended in a way that felt unceremonious. Good energy, good match, either way.

11.WALTER vs KUSHIDA ***1/2
WALTER being part of NXT in the USA era is a pretty smart choice and kicking him off with a feud with KUSHIDA is smart. They even let the former IWGP Junior Ace get in a lot of offense before the inevitable happened. Very good match.

12.Thatcher vs Kingston ***3/4
Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory
I had high expectations for this one and these two lived up nicely to them, adding up for a great encounter. Well worth checking out as Beyond continues to be one of the most underrated forces in the game right now.

Free Upload Match Reviews:
Next week, I think I'll go back to doing this section as separate select match review posts. Just a heads up.

1.Endo vs Iwasaki ***3/4
This was great stuff. Endo grew a lot as a performer as a result of his short reign and I am eager to see what's next for him.

2.Aramis, Imposible vs Puma de Oro, Fly Warrior ***
The flow was off at times and there were a few iffy spots, but this was still a good tag encounter in the end.

3.Caristico, Dragon Lee vs Hijo Canis Lupus, Dragon Bane ***1/4
In many ways, this was a slightly better version of the match above but the finish certainly took me out. CMLL's enforcement of their rules remains so iffy but Caristico is also a bit of an enigma.

4.Kongoh vs Kaito, Tanaka, Hi69 ***1/2
Fun, very good six-man showcase as we build toward the big NOAH show.

5.Marufuji, RATEL'S vs Kaito, RATEL'S ****
I LOVED this one, with everyone stepping up big to put in for a fantastic multiman encounter. Please, check it out.

1.Being the Elite Thoughts
A bit of behind the scenes from the Dynamite debut on display here this week. Kenny's breakdown continues, Orange Cassidy got a nice spotlight, and Jay and Silent Bob appeared in a much less forced segment. Those were the highlights, though the shirt subplot between the Jacksons continued and led to this. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Page is going to turn heel on Dynamite this week. By the time you read this the episode will have already happened but I'll leave this here (and tweeted it) to maintain prediction status.

2.WRESTLE-1 TV Thoughts
Updraft Tour action this week with the Tag League on the horizon. One of the biggest takeaways here is Inaba showing what kind of champion he is. Working a match and being on the failing side against Pegaso, Andy Wu, and Tondokoro was pretty telling. Everything here looked decent. Nothing looked must-see. Dupree also continues to be a major factor. Skip this one.