We return to normal formatting this week, with this episode featuring highlights from the 12/26 event. Note that when my blog awards come out that this series won't win (or get the honorable mention) for best wrestling series. That said, I sincerely love the program and look forward to it almost every week. Wrestle-1 is one of my favorite companies, even if that's not always reflected in the recommendations or awards here, and I applaud them for making this series so damn entertaining all year.

Here's the card for this episode, for those wanting to keep track.

Zayne continues to look impressive and standout, getting the pin in the opener. More Minoru Tanaka in W1 by the way, please! Andy vowed to reclaim the Cruiserweight belt.

The follow up looked okay, but largely forgettable despite the talent involved. Some things were set up by it, at least. Doi challenging Irie for his OWE Championship was the most promising thing to happen here but Kono seemingly taking up Kodama's offer to join the Enfants is awesome, too.

Up third, Strong Hearts did battle with the help of Soya and Kondo. That one looked pretty fun, for sure. Afterward, Kondo rejected Soya's attempts to reunite under the unit name, "WAR" instead requesting a singles match. An added stipulation was teased that if Kondo falls to Soya in that match, he will not only join WAR but also be the leader.

Our first title match of the night was a big one. I loved Pantera getting a run, but consider Seiki the best in the division. He reclaimed the belt here and the entire thing came off as a big moment. The new champion also announced he wouldn't be entering the upcoming CruiserFes Tournament and it would instead be a tournament to simply crown a challenger. The biggest news was Heat (Minoru) appearing and making it clear that he wanted the belt. Seiki said he didn't want Heat, but Tanaka himself!

Seigo defeated the handsome man, Jiro next in a special Tachibana return match. Seigo called himself Jiro's student and requested to come to the states with him. It came off as the last farewell of Ikemen in the hall.

The semi saw the W1 Tag Champs, Enfants Terribles defeat Strong Hearts representatives, T-Hawk and Irie. The Strong Hearts continue to be amazing, and Ashino continues to be the best thing about the company in general. The two champions had raw chests after that one but reclaimed regardless. Ashino said that he still wants a singles victory over T-Hawk. Irie accepts the challenge from Doi for his belt.

Closing the episode, Inaba put the W1 Championship on the line against Kuma. Good stuff, but I still don't think Inaba should be champion. It is what it is, and I think the dude is good (just not great) but will be a solid face for the promotion heading into 2020.

This was the best episode of W1 TV in a while and one of the best of the year. If you even remotely care about what's going on with the company, click play!