ONE Feature: Stamp Fairtex Has A Lot More To Offer Review

Feature Card:
1.ONE Muay Thai Atomweight Title: Stamp vs Todd ***1/2

I've said that the reason I gravitated toward ONE when I became disenfranchised years ago with UFC was the way they present their fighters and their company. It's why I continue to watch their weekly series as often as I do and why I am growing to love mma all over again, too. They have a respectable roster, and features like these just help you see them in a special way. One of the stars I've grown to enjoy the most this year is Stamp. Since I can't seem to sleep tonight, when I saw ONE had released a special feature on here I figured I'd hit play (especially since the last two episodes of their program were highlight reels).

We not only get the personal stuff, as ONE also gave us lengthy action. Stamp and Todd met back in February to crown a champion. The bout was featured in a June episode of ONE Championship Weekly, where I gave it a three star rating. It started in the 4th round, but this special had the full fight. As a result, I am changing the rating since the full fight was deserves a higher rating.

Stamp is easily my favorite female fighter in ONE (and in general) right now so this is an easy recommendation, but as a documentary itself it's very well done (like most things from ONE) and well worth seeing.

Click play and begin to love the Thai striker!

Overall Rating: 75/100%