This will be my last post until after Christmas, so let's do it on a related note.

Here's the card for this show and my thoughts on each:
1.Miyu vs Suzume
Suzume was a spider monkey, Miyu looked good as usual. The former face of TJP won this one, but I had to check Cagematch for the results.

2.Shoko vs Tenma vs Neko
Tails were tied up in this three-way. This actually looked pretty fun and the right person won.

3.Sakisama, Kiryu vs Yuna, Pom
The highlights version that this was still wasn't enough to make it look good. Even at the short run this still felt like a waste of time.

4.Mizuki vs Noa
This was a fun, spirited battle and I love that it ended in a draw.

5.Itoh vs Maiumi
The little psycho acted like a little psycho. Entertaining but nothing major.

6.Rika, Miu vs Aino, Raku
Came off as a rather standard, inoffensive tag match. No major feelings in either direction.

7.Yuka vs Mina
This came off as the best thing on the card and I rather enjoyed the finish.

In all, I enjoyed this decently enough but your opinion might vary greatly. For a filler Holiday event, it was fine.

Have a great Christmas etc everyone!