ONE Championship Weekly 12/19 Review

Episode Card:
1.Timofey vs Alverez NR
From 03/31/19 ONE: A New Era
2.ONE Strawweight Title: Saruta(c) vs Pacio NR
From 04/12/19 ONE: Roots of Honor
3.ONE Women's Strawweight Title: Xiong(c) vs Lee NR
From 03/31/19 ONE: A New Era
4.Cosmo vs Sage NR
From 05/17/29 ONE: Enter the Dragon
5.ONE Lightweight Title: Aoki(c) vs Christian NR
From 05/17/19 ONE: Enter the Dragon
6.ONE Featherweight Title: Nguyen(c) vs Jadamba NR
From 04/12/19 ONE: Roots of Honor
7.Geje vs Yuya NR
From 04/02/19 ONE: Dawn of Heroes
8.Kickboxing: Nattawut vs Giorgio NR
From 08/16/19 ONE: Dreams of Gold
9.ONE Light Heavyweight Title: Aung La(c) vs Vera ***1/2
From 10/13/19 ONE: Century Part 2

I was talking with my brother-in-law about mma the other day, and he reminded me that my attempts to get him into sports peaked at mma and that was the only one he had shown real interest in during that span. At that time he was living with me as I helped him get on his feet. During the talks I mentioned that I don't care much for UFC but I do really enjoy ONE especially due to the way they present their fighters.

I might get wrapped up in other things at times, but I still have a strong appreciation for ONE and that talk inspired me to get back on the wagon and watch the latest episode of their weekly series. I picked a good one as this was essentially a highlight reel installment, looking at the biggest knockouts of the year.

I know I should likely just watch the special events but I just like the usual presentation of their weekly series so I'll likely continue to have it be my main source of not just ONE, but of mma in general.

The format this time didn't provide for enough meat to give ratings to anything outside of the Vera fight, making the overall score harder to quantify, but I thought it was a good watch that left me happy so I'll go with the standard percentage that signifies, "good". If you want blink and you'll miss it style action for 30 minutes, give it a click.

Overall Rating: 70/100%