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Match from ROH TV #430:
1.Los Ingobernables (Rush, Dragon Lee) vs Lifeblood (Haskins, Hotsauce) ***1/2

To say Ring of Honor has evolved into a massive disappointment in a severe understatement. Despite that, they still have some great talent in their ranks and noteworthy matches still do pop out from them from time to time. In fact, watching wrestling the way I do has helped a lot and I actually have them in my top promotions of the year right now as a result. It's easier when you skip the bullshit, afterall. Keeping with that, here's another fun encounter from the former top US promotion.

Have I mentioned before that ROH's television series has a weird release pattern?

Rush and Dragon Lee have teamed a tad in Mexico but not often outside of it. When they would, usually in indie feds, Lee would dawn an Ingobernables jersey some of the time and it always left me wanting him to be an official member. CMLL, a mess in their own right, had objections. Luckily, since they fucked up and dropped both brothers, they are forming their own groups and some versions do feature the duo instead of just Rush and a largely random assortment of backup. Technically, this is prior to an official formation of an Ingobernables group in the company, but...semantics...

Let's take a moment to break down the Ingobernables units here because I honestly just want to...
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The Ring of Honor group is the worst, even with DL and Rush as members, largely because of the giant WTF that is King being added. How the hell do you add Kenny over the other talents and how does he even fit the mold at all?

AAA is smoke and mirrors, since they as a company likely know getting Park and Rush in an apuesta could be a lost cause. Putting him in the group helps because it gives an excuse to skip the match but still provides an option for later by having a turn possible if they do get the match set. Kross being attached makes sense since they always toss him in whatever the new heel unit is. I'd argue this is the best of the lucha based groups, regardless of my quips.

Nacion, a promotion I realize that most people don't even know about, is close to the original group but is in a promotion even I don't care about.

CMLL's current is just a shell.

Oh, and LIJ is awesome even if New Japan is washy on them at times.

While we're at it, let's dig into Lifeblood, too. Fuck it, right?
Let's be blunt and admit that Finlay, Juice, and Dashwood are gone. Tenille left the company and the other two don't really care to return, as the real relationship with New Japan and ROH is clearly more strained than the two companies are letting on. That leaves Hotsauce, Haskins, and Bandido. Reports suggest Tracy is finished, or finishing, with ROH. Bandido reformed MexaBlood, without the name, and unless Flamita is joining the group it seems they are going a different way with Bandido moving forward. In all, it sounds like they might just be quietly ending Lifeblood. It sucks a bit, but honestly they have been so iffy with the group's booking choices since formation that it is what it is. I mean, it's hard to really get upset about something Ring of Honor is doing these days anyway.

Whatever, enough about that I suppose and let's dig into this tag match. Pure talent filled this one, and as such it's logical that it turned out as well as it did. Not everything needs to be a MOTYC and this is a good example of just a very good contest between two teams working hard to entertain. Everyone largely came out looking well and in all I'd say this was borderline great action recommended especially to those saying ROH has nothing to offer any longer.

Give it a click.