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Match from OTT 5th Anniversary
1.OTT World Title: Devlin(c) vs Starr ****3/4

The crowd was fire once again, as OTT continues to be what PROGRESS wishes it still was.  Hell, this is what WWE wishes it was, too. The story was simple yet well done, with that hot crowd taking it and making it seem even bigger. Starr and Devlin took to the challenge and worked their asses off for them. While I still am disappointed with guys like Devlin signing with WWE, I actually get it and I wish him, and all that are with the company, well. He's one of the most talented dudes in the game so the sky should be the limit as long as Vince recognizes it. Starr, on the other hand, continues to be an amazing storyteller and arguably the best worker not signed by any major fed. The dynamic here as a result of their positions pushed this and helped add to the tone, and the entire thing just felt epic as a result. Special. This year has been loaded with so many great matches and memorable moments, but this is better than nearly all of them and was a true MOTYC. If you missed it, go out of your way to see it as soon as possible.