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Match from IWRG 01/13
1.Ra-Zhata, Shil-Kah, Shaolin vs Gato de Ecatepec, Manchitas, Metaleon **3/4
Match from IWRG 10/27
2.IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Title: Hijo de Canis Lupus(c) vs Demonio Infernal ***1/2
Match from IWRG Castillo del Terror 10/31
3.Lucha de Escaleras: Demonio Infernal, Ludark Shaitan vs Fly Star, Lady Flammer vs Lunatik Xtreme, Diosa Quetzal ***1/2

I had somehow missed these three, and seeing as I rather enjoy IWRG I had to make sure to fix that mistake seeing as they were highly recommended.

Alas, not everything that someone likes is enjoyed by another, and the first is such an example. Sure, it was decent, and I liked the opening technical stuff enough as well as a few moments in between, but I can't say it ever became close to something I'd ever recommend to another wrestling fan. Oh well.

Up next, I was more hopeful seeing as Hijo de Canis Lupus has been pretty good so far and a defense versus Demonio sounded promising. In all, it was actually very good though it could have admittedly been much better had they changed the final few minutes. Before that, we had a nice war between the two, at least.

To close this one out, we get a rather large cluster tag that was tagged a ladder match. I kept the spanish translation for the gimmick, largely because it was more that than what you'd think of when you hear, "ladder match". Basically, that means it was just a brutal, hardcore spotfest and, for what it was, it was very good. When is something with Ludark not, though?

So, consider #2 & 3 if you are bored and want some IWRG style lucha action and feel safe skipping #1.