Select Match Reviews: Chilled Juice

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Match from New Japan World Tag League Finals
1.Finals: FinJuice vs Los Ingobernables de Japon ***3/4

Remember when we could call the duo of Juice and Finlay Lifeblood? Yea, those were fun days. The writing is on the walls in regards to the partnership between ROH and New Japan, especially with no Honor Rising gig lined up and no news on any crossovers with talent in the near future. Harold might have said they are still fine recently, but the actions don't seem to reflect his words. Either way, it's just another fuck up on Ring of Honor's part if they messed up the deal, and while I still like the Lifeblood unit it's hard ignoring the weird dynamic around it with both Juice and David seemingly refusing to return. The good news? None of this really matters in regards to this match and New Japan will not be hurt in the slightest even if they do kick ROH to the curb.

It'll be a bit weird not seeing EVIL and SANADA challenge for the belts on the big show, since it's become a bit of a predictable tradition at this point, but I actually like the change up and it freed up SANADA for a match with Sabre which sounds fun. Additional good news is that this match itself was a great tag clash and it felt like a legit big win for the former Lifeblood duo and I'm hoping they get more chances in 2020.

My preview for WK will be up soon but, in the meantime, if you missed this one, check it out!