Matches from AAA TripleMania Regia:
1.AAA Reina de Reinas Title: Taya(c) vs Ayako vs Faby vs Keyra vs Shani **
2.AAA Mega Title: Omega(c) vs Dragon Lee ****
3.Super Libre: Rush vs Park vs Pagano **1/2

AAA held what amounted to a novelty event in a baseball stadium and finally released the footage. With that, these are the three matches from the gig that really caught my attention so let's take a dive in.

The first match starts about an hour and fifteen minutes into the feed on the above video, for those keeping track. The production isn't as good as usual for AAA but there's a few reasons for that and I'm honestly fine watching video from cellphone recordings if the content is good enough, so whatever. There's a lot of great fucking talent in this but a general lack of cohesion is always a risk in clusters and this one was indeed hurt by that common issue. My hopes for this weren't rewarded and it's just too definitively average to be worth suggesting to anyone to take time on.

To make up for that one, Omega and Dragon Lee went to town and gave us a match (almost) deserving of such a major encounter. The fact that CMLL never tried to book this says a lot, but AAA took advantage as fast as they could and I thank them for it. While this might not have been a MOTYC or anything like that, it was still a fantastic defense and a good showing in general displaying a lot of why these two are so highly renowned.

To cap this one, let's take a look at a hardcore battle and the latest chapter in the never ending Rush/Park saga. This time with Pagano thrown in for good measure. Essentially a plunder brawl, this started as a glorified handicap match as Rush and LA Park tried to murder Pagano and stayed that way more than not. In all, it was rather rough around the edges. The spear spot was one of the best in the entire rivalry and Pagano's tube dive was pretty sick. Mix in a few other cool moments and you have a decent contest, but it just had too many flaws to really call it good. The finish in particular came off as an extended botch of sorts. It did set up the official AAA version of the Ingobernables, at least, so that's something.

I narrowed this down to three matches, hearing that they went story over quality with most of the card. Alas, only one really turned out to be worth seeing and that was the one I truly cared about the most. Trust my gut more next time and just save time, I suppose. Anyway, watch Omega's bout with Dragon Lee for sure and just skip the rest of this stuff.