Dragon Gate Cutting Edge Battle #48 Review

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1.Mochizuki vs HYO **
2.Ben-K, Skywalker vs DoiYoshi ***3/4

This week started with a short, double DQ dirty ass match between RED's HYO and Mochizuki. Nothing special but slightly entertaining I suppose.

The main event was much better. Shun's dive at the beginning was a bit iffy and him celebrating it was funny but that's a very minor nitpick and the rest of this one was the classic DG style action that we all know and love. Truly, it was a great, high octane tag encounter and I am still hopeful that Skywalker and Ben-K form a unit soon.

Cutting Edge basically always goes down easy and this is no exception. The opener was rather simple but short and served a purpose and the main event was very enjoyable. Check this one out if you have thirty minutes to kill.

Overall Rating: 70/100%