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Matches from STARDOM Year-End Climax:
1.Artist of STARDOM Titles: Queen's Quest(c) vs STARS ***1/2
2.Hazuki vs Tora ***
3.Giulia vs Kimura ***1/2
4.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Hoshiki(c) vs Konami ***1/2
5.World of STARDOM Title: Mayu(c) vs Kagetsu ****

STARDOM's final show of the year provided several noteworthy encounters. Between the chaotic entertainment of the Artist defense, the good yet bittersweet Hazuki retirement match, the very good, semi-shoot, brutal draw between Kimura and Giulia, and two big defenses, this was just another example of why STARDOM is the true queen of women's professional wrestling. I was a tad surprised at the layout of the Arisa match, but it was still very good. Mayu's defense was MOTN and I have no doubt could easily be female wrestler of the year in 2020.

Fantastic way to cap 2019.

Thank you, STARDOM, for such an amazing year and readers please, consider checking out anything rated ***1/2 and above (or just watching all of these).