Select Match Reviews: Last Minute DDT Roundup

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Match from D-Ou Grand Prix in Harajuku Tag 2 12/15:
1.Tanaka vs HARASHIMA ****1/4
Match from D-Ou Grand Prix The Final 12/28:
2.Takeshita vs Brookes vs Daisuke vs HARASHIMA ***3/4
3.Finals: Tanaka vs Endo ****

Time to close 2019 on DDT, who've become one of my top sources for wrestling this year. Tanaka is still a fucking workhorse, as he continues to show us time and time again, and he stepped up big in these two, taking a draw in an awesome match with the current top dog of DDT and then taking down a former champ in a fantastic contest in the finals. Both very entertaining, both worth seeing. Mix in the great four way, and you simply have a nice bonus match full of big names to go along with them.

With the big schedule announced, I'm giving DDT Universe another shot as it looks like my account being hacked was due to a different situation so in a month or so if no issues take place I'll mention it so you may consider doing the same.