Select Match Reviews: One Hundred Less Than Three Hundred

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Matches from PWG Two Hundred
1.Puma King vs Laredo Kid ***3/4
2.Brody King vs Darby Allin ****
3.PWG World Title: Jeff Cobb(c) vs Bandido ***1/2

Time to catch up on some PWG before the year ends, which is easier this time around since they haven't ran much in 2019.

The first pull was a high-octane spotfest with Laredo working his kind of match and Puma hanging around nicely. Great stuff overall, and Puma taking the win in the end via submission was a nice touch.

Up next, we got to see Darby acting like his normal psychopath self as he threw his frame around to even the odds dynamically against the much larger Villain Enterprises member. The end-stretch in particular was pretty memorable, and everything once the skateboard came out was sick. Fantastic match!

To close this one out, Jeff Cobb put his title on the line against the rising star, Bandido. One of the hottest properties in the lucha realm against the impossibly strong wrestling machine? Hell, yes! Bandido got to show off some strength here and they worked a hybrid match, allowing both to showcase their preferred styles before the big man eventually got the three count. Very good main event.

Two Hundred provided three noteworthy matches that I easily recommend. If you haven't watched PWG in a while, consider these to fix that mistake.